Walker on wheels

Walker on wheels
  • One-button folding allows quick, convenient operation for users with limited hand dexterity.
  • Composite lower side brace stiffens walker frame and adds stability.  
  • Dual cross bars increase strength and rigidity of walker and allow over-toilet positioning.
  • Folds easily for transport and storage.


  • Contoured vinyl handgrips enhance user comfort and are easy to clean.
  • Folding mechanism is easy to operate with palm or finger.
  • Solid brass detent buttons resist wear and breakage.
  • Footpiece silencer provides quiet adjustment and rattle-free use.
  • Numbered footpiece adjustment holes provide ease of adjustment. Eight adjustment holes offer  precise fit for a broader range of user heights.
  • Leg inserts at stress points make walker stronger and more durable.
  • 3-inch wheels provide a more natural walking stride and allow the user  to easily  maneuver over surfaces  which provide difficulty.  Includes Glide Caps  for rear footpieces.